Error with BVAR estimation in Dynare Documentation


I am trying to estimate the standalone BVAR described on page 10 of Dynare documentation bvar-a-la-sims.pdf, but I am getting this Matlab error:

Maximum recursion limit of 500 reached.

Error in read_variables (line 72)

Caused by:
    Maximum recursion limit of 500 reached.   

Please, any help on this is appreciated. The .mod file and the data file are attached.

bvar_sample.mod (215 Bytes) bvar_sample.xlsx (24.4 KB)

Either do not name your data file the same as the mod-file or specify an ending:

bvar_density(datafile = 'bvar_sample.xlsx', first_obs = 20, bvar_prior_flat, bvar_prior_train = 10) 8;