Error when computing Steady State

Dear Dynare community, I’m currently trying to replicate a paper that studies laboral market with informality and uses a matching function. I’m currently learning how to use Dynare and I’m stucked in my attemp to replicate the model. I coded the model in Dynare and, as far as I know, write everything correctly but now I’m facing and error and I really do not understand what causes it or a solution. The error is the following:

I do not understand neither the warnings nor the errors. Normally I run my codes from OneDrive and I tried to run it directly from my hardrive but it showed the same problem (actually, it showed me the warnings that running from OneDrive did not show) My code is the following:

HY2.mod (3.0 KB)

It is in Spanish but it’s not a complex code as far as I understand. What could be causing the problem and what recommendations can you give me to solve it? Thank you in advance for your answers.

The strange message is caused by having clearvars in your mod-file. That deletes objects that Dynare expects.