error(‘The steady state contains NaN or Inf’)

Dear professors:
I am a new dynare learner, I met more questions when ran my code, but I can only deal with a part of the error questions on my own, still have so many questions.
This question is the all equation is “ERROR: Could not open file: FRR.mod”, I cannot solve by myself.Can you give me some advices. The mod file is attached below.FRR.mod (2.8 KB)

  1. You did not set all variables used in initval. pai_star was not set.
  2. You must set all variables that cannot be 0. You have
c^(-sigma)= beta*c(+1)^(-sigma)*(1+r)*(1+pai(1))^(-1)

so c=0 is not feasible.

Dear professors:
Thank you for your reply! I try to correct mistakes what you have said.But it appeared new mistakes.These errors form a new txt file.can you help check it ! The file is attached below.FRR_2.mod (2.8 KB) log.txt (14.5 KB)