Error that“The steady state is complex”s

Hello professor,
(1) I tried to add a few local variables to the mod file, but he doesn’t seem to be recognized, I don’t quite understand how this error message should be modified
simpleYZX527.mod (1.3 KB)
(2)I made some changes and got the error message that“The steady state is complex”.The residual sum of squares is already 0, why can’t it work.
simpleYZX527(2).mod (1.3 KB)
I am looking forward to your reply and guidance, thank you!

  1. model local variables belong inside the model block
  2. Your initial values cannot be right as e.g. l_ss is negative.

thank you to your reply,Do you mean that there is an error in the steady-state expression that I calculated manually?

Yes, use the approach in Debugging parameter initializations and steady_state_model-blocks - YouTube

Thanks, but I can’t seem to access YouTube, is there any other way for me to see the material you sent?

It simply shows that you can use F9 or Evaluate selection in Matlab to see the value of the parameter definitions.

I don’t quite understand, can you say more details, thanks

Hello Professor, I have another question. When I want to see how economic variables change when impacted(the IRFs), how do I define positive shocks and negative shocks, for example, I want to see changes when total factor productivity occurs a negative shock.Is it just to add a minus sign somewhere?

See e.g.