Error running dynare MATLAB 6.5

Hi Everyone:
I’ve recently installed dynare v3_064 using MATLAB version 6.5. When I tried to run some examples, MATLAB prompted:

dynare example2.mod;
??? Undefined function or variable ‘example2’.
Error in ==> C:\dynare_v3.0\matlab\dynare.m
On line 27 ==> evalin(‘base’,fname) ;
I also tried to solve the problem by changing dynare.m:
%pathfile = mfilename(‘fullpath’);
%command = [pathfile,’_m ',fname];
command = 'c:/dynare_v3.0/matlab/dynare_m ',fname];
Still, nothing has changed and the same error appears.
Thanks in advance, Gonzalo

It looks as if the parser wasn’t creating example2.m

  1. can you check in the examples subdirectory whether example2.m is created or not?

  2. in a cmd shell (I assume that you are under Windows), run the parser by hand:

cd \dynare_v3.0\examples
…\matlab\dynare_m example2

and tell me what happens.



Hi Michael:
Thanks for the advice. Here are the results:

  1. example2.m was not created
  2. running the parser by hand (using cmd prompt in windows) generates a prompt:
    " Windows - Application Error
    The application falied to initialize properly (0xc000007b)"

Never heard of such an error before. Which version of Windows are you using? Anything unusual about your setup?
You may want to try on another computer, just to confirm that the files that you are using aren’t corrupted.

Kind regards


Sorry, I think I didn’t follow your suggestion. The last error message I showed was because I was trying to execute dynare_m.exe directly.
Anyway, this is what I did. I typed:
cd \dynare_v3.0\examples
…\matlab\dynare_m example2
in the command window of Matlab (in windows)
But I recieved the following prompt:
??? …\matlab\dynare_m example2
Error: “End of Input” expected, “…” found.
What do you think?

I think that your files are corrupted or that there is a severe problem with your computer. Try to download the Dynare zip file again and if you still have problems, try to run it on another copmuter.