Error Ramsey policy steady state in Dynare 6 with bytecode


Running ramsey policy with bytecode in latest version of dynare MATLAB yields the following error:

Error in dyn_ramsey_static>dyn_ramsey_static_1 (line 140)
    res = bytecode('static', M_, options, xx, exo_ss, M_.params, 'evaluate');

The error is just related to underscore missing for options_.

To reproduce the error, just run in Dynare 6:
NK_internal_ss.mod (1014 Bytes)


It鈥檚 a known bug that will be fixed in 6.1. See 馃悰 Steady state computation with bytecode + Ramsey policy was broken (1ce40d4d) 路 Commits 路 Dynare / dynare 路 GitLab