Error of cmaes optimizer

Dear jpfeifer, I saw you used the optimizer cmaes to solve some optimal question. I use you code such as follwing,
%set CMAES options
cmaesOptions = options_.cmaes;
cmaesOptions.LBounds = [-1000;-1000];
cmaesOptions.UBounds = [1000;1000];
[x_opt_hat, fhat, COUNTEVAL, STOPFLAG, OUT, BESTEVER] = cmaes(‘welfare_objective’,x_start,H0,cmaesOptions,x_opt_name);

but, I get error like this:
undefined functions or variables ‘startseed’。
error Fun_cmaes (line 27)
Would you give me some help? Thanks a lot.

In my code I am using the cmaes-version delivered with Dynare. There, the random seed has been fixed to make results replicable. You seem to be using the original cmaes.m, in which case you need to specify more options.