Error message in running Dynare++ for the first time

I made a post a day or two ago, and I erroneously said that it was resolved, but no! I cannot run Dynare++ on my laptop, although I can on my desktop.

here is what I get
Assertion failed: ((m_->valid == LIFE_MUTEX) && (m_->busy > 0)), file …/…/mingw-w64-libraries/winpthreads/src/mutex.c, line 45

when I run dynare++ example1.mod on Windows 10’s command prompt. I am using Dynare++ default example in the package that you get when you download Dynare 4.5.0.

Any suggestion on where to even start?

Can you please describe exactly what you are doing? From which folder are you calling Dynare++. Where is the mod-file located? Do you have write permission in that folder? And does your desktop have a different system configuration?

  1. I have copy-pasted:


The latter folder is where I am calling dynare++.

  1. I have added the following to the list of environment variable paths:

  2. Regarding permissions:
    I have enabled full permission for the following folders:

following this instruction: … indows-10/

  1. I am not sure what system confirmation exactly is different between my laptop and my desktop. I have installed Dynare 4.4.3 on my desktop last year, and it is my school desktop, so they are not easy to directly compare. It will be helpful if you have suggestions on where to look.

Let me know if you need other information. I appreciate your support.

Can you please try whether Dynare++ 4.4.3 works on the laptop?

I have reinstalled Dynare++ with the 4.4.3 version, and strangely (!) it is now working. I don’t understand what the problem was, but given that it’s working now I’ll just be content with it.

I appreciate your help!