Error: index out of bounds

Dear All,

When I add one more equation (AR(1) process for disturbances), I get the following error and I can’t understand where the problem is.
Please, help me with this error:

??? Attempted to access g1(25,64); index out of bounds because size(g1)=[25,63].

Error in ==> model1_dynamic at 215
g1(25, 64)= g1(25, 64)+(-1);

Error in ==> dr1 at 176
[junk,jacobia_] = feval([M_.fname 'dynamic’],z,[oo.exo_simul …

Error in ==> resol at 87
[dr,info] = dr1(dr,check_flag);

Error in ==> check at 38
[dr, info] = resol(oo_.steady_state,1);

Error in ==> model1 at 242

Error in ==> dynare at 81
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

As always: please post the mod-file