Error in variables and Parameters

fun1.mod (2.4 KB)

When i run the Mod file, i get and error “W is not a parameter”

Any insight could be helpful. Thank you

You do not have a model-statement. You also have various issues like incomplete commands and the use of unicode characters.

Thank you very much sir. I’ve corrected all the errors except when I run all the steady state equations return NaNs.
Any additional input and insight will be very helpful.
Tmain.log (241 Bytes)

You uploaded the wrong file.

Tmain.mod (2.2 KB)
I mistakenly uploaded the log file instead.
This is the actual mod file

Your model setup does not make sense. For example, your interest rate is exogenously fixed at 0, which does not square with your Taylor rule where output is different from 0.