Error in solving with order=3 (Windows)


This is related to my other post on compiling for Ubuntu.

A fresh install of Dynare 4.1 failed to solve a model to third order with the following message

[quote]??? Error using ==> k_order_perturbation
Caught KordDynare exception: …/…/…/sources/k_order_perturbation/ Error when loading nk_model_dynamic.mexw32

(can’t dynamically load the file)

Error in ==> k_order_pert at 21
[g_0, g_1, g_2, g_3] = k_order_perturbation(dr,0,M,options, oo , ‘.’ …

Error in ==> dr1 at 56
[dr,info] = k_order_pert(dr,M_,options_,oo_);

Error in ==> resol at 128
[dr,info,M_,options_,oo_] = dr1(dr,check_flag,M_,options_,oo_);

Error in ==> stoch_simul at 42
[oo_.dr, info] = resol(oo_.steady_state,0);

Error in ==> nk_model at 201
info = stoch_simul(var_list_);

Error in ==> dynare at 132
evalin(‘base’,fname) ; [/quote]

Any idea what could be the cause?



Are you using Microsoft Visual C++ or Cygwin as the MEX compiler ?
(see … ompilation )

What is your version of MATLAB ?