Error in RMSE analysis of dynare_sensitivity


I am using the dynare_sensitivity command to do the RMSE analysis for the posterior sample obtained by DYNARE’s Metropolis procedure (ppost = 1). When I choose morris = 2, I get the message

Error using save
Variable 'rmse_mode' not found.

Error in filt_mc_ (line 211)
        save([OutDir,filesep,fnamtmp,'.mat'], 'x', 'logpo2', 'likelihood', 'rmse_MC',
        'rmse_mode','rmse_pmean', 'r2_MC', 'r2_mode','r2_pmean')

Error in dynare_sensitivity (line 369)

When I choose morris = 1, I get the message but nothing else.

All parameter values in the specified ranges give unique saddle-path solution!

So I am wonder which value should the option morris be? if both are okay, what’s wrong when morris = 2? And when morris =1, as it seems nothing goes wrong, should it generate some figures as the output? Besides, is there any example for RMSE analysi with ppost = 1 to study? Attached is a simple NK model that demonstrate those messages and the data. (1.1 KB)
nk_est.mod (1.37 KB)

We are looking into the issue and will keep you udpated.