Error in OccBin when trying to recreate figure 3 in Guerrieri and Iacoviello (2017)

Dear community,

I’m trying to use Occbin for my BA-thesis but I keep running into an error. When I try to run “runsim_plot_figure3” in the folder “Guerrieri_Iacoviello_2017_Figure_3” in the updated version of Occbin, I get an error saying:
"Error using solve_two_constraints
The lead_lag_incidence-matrix differs across files. In Dynare 4.6, you may need to add a dummy equation tag."

I have not changed anything in the code, I pulled from Github, and I’m running Dynare version 5.3.

I hope someone can help clarify what’s going wrong. Thank you for your help.

Best Thomas Jensen

The updated toolkit is for Dynare 4.6. It does not support Dynare 5.x, because here OccBin is natively available and the workaround necessary for 4.6 does not work anymore.

Thank you very much!