Error in generating 'dynamic files'

Hi Professor, I am trying to run the sample code of a monetary policy without commitment. However, I keep coming across errors as below:

Error using feval
Invalid function name 'Baseline_IRF/dynamic.'.

Error in zlbPolicyFunc (line 74)
  [~, jcb] = feval(fun, zeros(1, nAll), zeros(1, nExo), M_.params, oo_.steady_state, 1);

Error in Step3_IRF_without_commitment (line 55)
        [PHI1, PHI2]    = zlbPolicyFunc(sprintf('%s/dynamic.', SimCode),...

I tried to search the files within my folder. However, seems it does not exist. 
>> dir

+Baseline_HD                           Baseline_estimation.mod                
+Baseline_IRF                          Baseline_estimation_mode.mat           
+Baseline_estimation                   Calibrated_Parameters.mat              
.                                      Historical_Decomposition_Baseline.csv  
..                                     Set_parameters_1.m                     
.DS_Store                              Set_parameters_2.m                     
Baseline_HD                            Set_parameters_3.m                     
Baseline_HD.log                        Step1_estimation.m                     
Baseline_HD.mod                        Step2_IRF_with_commitment.m            
Baseline_IRF                           Step3_IRF_without_commitment.m         
Baseline_IRF.log                       Step4_historical_decomp.m              
Baseline_IRF.mod                       Thumbs.db                              
Baseline_est_original                  data_86Q3to17Q4.mat                    

>> filePath = which('Baseline_IRF_dynamic')

filePath =

  0×0 empty char array

I am not confident about what should be in the file of ‘Baseline_IRF_dynamic’? Is it something that would be generated automatically by Dynare or something else?

I am really grateful if you would offer guidance.

Here are the files.
Baseline_estimation.mod (19.3 KB)
Baseline_original_draws.mat (167.5 KB)
Step1_estimation.m (716 Bytes)
Step2_IRF_with_commitment.m (3.9 KB)
Step3_IRF_without_commitment.m (3.6 KB)

That looks like version problem. Those codes will likely only run with the Dynare version they used.

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