Error in estimation with 4.6.4

Hello, I have not used Dynare for a while and now I am trying to estimate a model using v 4.6.4. I confront the following error. Has someone faced this error before? Could you please advise.


When I comment out the section in the default options m file, then the model runs!

%options_.threads.kronecker.sparse_hessian_times_B_kronecker_C = num_procs;
%options_.threads.local_state_space_iteration_2 = 1;
%options_.threads.local_state_space_iteration_k = 1;
%options_.threads.perfect_foresight_problem = num_procs;
%options_.threads.k_order_perturbation = max(1, num_procs/2);

Is there a problem with the mex-files on your machine? num_procs should be in dynare\4.6.4\mex\matlab\win64-9.4-9.10

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Yes, that was the problem Johannes. I had set path only to the matlab subdirectory in the dynare installation. I saw an earlier post of yours on the same issue that someone else faced. Many thanks!