Error dynare (line 278) evalin('base',[fname '.driver']);

Today, I installed the Matlab R2023a and Dynare 5.4

  1. The installation path of Matlab is D:\software
  2. I intalled Dynare D:\software\dynare\5.4
  3. I set path in Matlab D:\software\dynare\5.4\matlab
  4. I tried one example of examples folders of dynare, run

dynare fs2000
Starting Dynare (version 5.4).
Calling Dynare with arguments: none
Starting preprocessing of the model file …
Substitution of endo leads >= 2: added 1 auxiliary variables and equations.
Found 15 equation(s).
Evaluating expressions…done
Computing static model derivatives (order 1).
Computing dynamic model derivatives (order 1).
Processing outputs …
Preprocessing completed.

unable to resolve name ‘fs2000.driver’。

error dynare ( line 278 )
evalin(‘base’,[fname ‘.driver’]);

I tried other examples of Dynare, it showed the same error.
And I re-intalled the Dynare sevel times, it also showed the same error.

I made the debut for using Dynare. Please help me and thanks a lot!

What’more. Today I re-installed Matlab R2023a and Dynare 5.4.
And I carefully set these paths. But when I tried these examples of Dynare, it still the same error as yesterday. What’s wrong with Dynare? Or what’s wrong with me? Please help me and thanks soooo much!

I have worked out this problem! I share my resolution:
I created a working folder, works, outside of the matlab directory to place the mod files. Then in matlab

cd:\soft\ works
dynare bkk


sorry could you clarify this solution more?

The user did not have write permission within the Matlab installation folder. Working in a different folder solved the issue.

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