Error during installing dynare 4.6.2

Hi. I face the following message when installing dynarr 4.6.2, can anyone help me fix it?

Please provide the install.log file in the /Applications/Dynare/4.6.2 directory

I think the problem was with my OS. I reinstalled a brand new MacOS and the problem was partly solved. What I now face, is that I can run dynare++ from my Terminal and it works ok but when I call in my Matlab code as the following

!dynare++ --per 15 --sim 3 --ss-tol 1e-10 CRRA.mod

it still gives me this message

/bin/bash: dynare++: command not found

I have added dynare++ folder to the path of OS as you see below

echo $PATH

and I also did addpath both dynare folder and dynare++ folder to MATLAB. I really don’t know what to do. I really appreciate if you can helf since I am running out of time.

Usually, you need to have Dynare++ in the same folder as the mod-file and it needs to be the working directory of Matlab. Simply having a path to it usually is not sufficient.