Error after estimation

Hi all,

I keep getting this message after estimation. I already searched the forum about this kind of error, but until now I didn´t find the source of the problem. Could somebody help me ?

In an assignment A(I) = B, the number of elements in B and I must be the same.
Error in covariance_mc_analysis (line 76)
tmp(i1:i2) = Covariance_matrix(:,symmetric_matrix_index(indx1,indx2,nvar));
Error in posterior_analysis>job (line 57)
oo_ = covariance_mc_analysis(SampleSize,‘posterior’,M_.dname,M_.fname,…
Error in posterior_analysis (line 38)
oo_ = job(type,SampleSize,arg1,arg2,arg3,options_,M_,oo_,nvar,vartan);
Error in compute_moments_varendo (line 68)
oo_ =
Error in dynare_estimation_1 (line 835)
oo_ = compute_moments_varendo(‘posterior’,options_,M_,oo_,var_list_);
Error in dynare_estimation (line 84)
Error in oil_estimado (line 1102)
Error in dynare (line 174)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

Could you please provide an example.


These are the files I´m using when I get the error above. In addition to that, when I try the endogenous_prior command in estimation I get an error as well. I mentioned about this error in another post.

Thanks in advance.
oil_data2.m (3.42 KB)
oil.xls (31 KB)
oil_estimado.mod (31.9 KB)

Your problem stems from having ca_y_hat twice in the list of variables after commands like estimation. In the future, such cases should be filtered out.

Regarding the endogenous_prior, I will try to have a look at it.