Erreur de compilation

did you see?

I told you to fix the data treatment. How should the mod-file help to check that?

I tried but I can’t do it, I’m in an area where the DSGE models are neglected, so I don’t have a guide or a specialist to help me.
Frankly and I ask you once again to try to correct the data processing I tried to read the document but I can’t.

salim_b_DSGE.mod (12.6 KB)
NIGER.xlsx (17.3 KB)

consider me as your student
I have a thirst for learning and I want to improve myself

If you are not capable of understanding the reference document and act accordingly, you have reached a point where progress can only be made via intensive one on one counseling. I don’t have the resources to provide that.

it’s good; thanks a lot I found the solution

Hello Professor
excuse me for the inconvenience i would like to have a mod file that dealt only with the inflation targeting strategy

thank you very much

What do you mean? Gali’s whole book is concerned with this.