Eigenvalues more than forward looking variables

Dear all,
I’m new with Dynare and I’m trying to solve a very easy DSGE model.
The equations should be correct but Dynare says that Blanchard Kahn condition is violated because there 6 eigenvalues and only 5 forward looking variables.
How can I find and solve the problem?
I look forward to your reply.
Thank you in advance.
FirstModel.mod (2.98 KB)

Are you sure your timing is correct? You define k to be predetermined, i.e. you want to use the beginning of period stock notation. But

k = lambda10*(k(-1)-muastar(-1)) + lambda11*(inv+muastar);
seems to use the end of period stock notation.

Pro-tip: it is best practice to define composite parameters as model local variables using the pound operator. That way the mod-file will allow for estimating the model.