DynareR: A Seamless Integration of R and Dynare

Do you have any comment about the RStudio package “DynareR: A Seamless Integration of R and Dynare”? Have you ever used it? Recommend any package in R to DSGE models?

I just had a quick look and it seems to simply be a wrapper for the Dynare Octave routines. Thus, there is not really any gain except for having the model output in R for e.g. plotting.
My understanding is that https://gecon.r-forge.r-project.org/ is the de facto standard in R.

Thank you for your interest in DynareR package, @Fabio1. Thank you
dynare team for your efforts.

I am the author of DynareR package.

DynareR package started as a wrapper around dynare and Octave
usable in R Markdown documents on Windows only. However, based on
suggestions from its users, the package has improved as follows:

  • DynareR is platform-indepedent, it works on all the major
    Operating Systems

  • If dynare and Octave are installed in the standard location,
    DynareR will automatically do all the configurations and
    prerequisites to run dynare models

  • You can embed dynare codes in R Markdown or Quarto documents.
    You don’t have to open Octave, dynare and back and forth. To
    embed dynare code use the format below:

First line of dynare codes
Second line of dynare codes
Last line of dynare codes
  • DynareR allows you to run all dynare models that live in
    particular path: run_models() will run all the dynare models in
    the current working directory,
    run_models("path/to/your/fooDirectory*") (note the * at the end)
    will run all the dynare models in path/to/your/fooDirectory,
    while run_models(c("model1","model2","model3") will run models 1,
    2, and 3 at once.

  • DynareR is designed to create separate folder for the outputs of
    each model. For example if you run run_models("model1"), a folder
    model1 will created to put the outputs.

  • You can run dynare codes in base R or file with .R extension.
    For example save your dynare codes in an R object dynareCode,
    then execute run_dynare(code=dynareCode,model="modelName")

  • You can use import_log function to read dynare log file into R
    as a list of dataframes. You can access the list using
    dynare$modelName. You can further customise it in R as you wish,
    for example generate tables (using kable, flextable, huxtable
    and so on) or fetch values dynamically.

Please look at the package
more details. You can also download the example

Thank you once again.