I saw this link on the ToC wiki, which caught my eye.


Is there development work being done on Python hooks to Dynare++"? If so, is there anywhere (a development mailing list?) to learn a bit more about this?

Also curious if any of the Dynare developers have thought about participating in the Google Summer of Code? It’s a good way to expose students to the work and make big strides on development over the summer. I participated in a project for Python last year, and it was great. code.google.com/soc/ Just a thought.


The Dynare-Python page refers to a small python library called dolo downloadable here : mosphere.fr . It extends Sympy to build DSGE models. It can be used to make formal computation on them, and output Dynare modfile. There are many other possibilities, but the documentation is currently very insufficient. Another good usecase is to use it as a Sage extension (free generic CAS with nice notebook interface) which enable the user to immediately view latex representation of all equations.

Although Dolo can be used to generate python matrices for the models, there is currently no hook around an dynare function. Still it is easy to control a Matlab session with python using library mlabwrap, or with sage’s matlab interface.