Dynare4.4.3 + octave 4.0.0 + Xubuntu 16.04 LTS

I am using Xubuntu 16.04 LTS and installed dynare and octave to run some DSGE models, using “sudo apt-get install octave” and “sudo apt-get install dynare”

Unfortunately I am hitting an error immediately as I try to run the tutorial files here: dynare.org/documentation-and … t/tutorial

When trying to run “example1.mod” I get an error.

Here is my entire octave session, with errors:

[code]GNU Octave, version 4.0.0
Copyright © 2015 John W. Eaton and others.
This is free software; see the source code for copying conditions.
FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. For details, type ‘warranty’.

Octave was configured for “x86_64-pc-linux-gnu”.

Additional information about Octave is available at http://www.octave.org.

Please contribute if you find this software useful.
For more information, visit http://www.octave.org/get-involved.html

Read http://www.octave.org/bugs.html to learn how to submit bug reports.
For information about changes from previous versions, type ‘news’.

dynare example1.mod

Configuring Dynare …
[mex] Generalized QZ.
[mex] Sylvester equation solution.
[mex] Kronecker products.
[mex] Sparse kronecker products.
[mex] Local state space iteration (second order).
[mex] Bytecode evaluation.
[mex] k-order perturbation solver.
[mex] k-order solution simulation.
[mex] Quasi Monte-Carlo sequence (Sobol).
[mex] Markov Switching SBVAR.

Starting Dynare (version 4.4.3).
Starting preprocessing of the model file …
Found 6 equation(s).
Evaluating expressions…done
Computing static model derivatives:

  • order 1
    Computing dynamic model derivatives:
  • order 1
  • order 2
    Processing outputs …done
    Preprocessing completed.
    Starting MATLAB/Octave computing.

warning: delete: no such file: example1_static.mex
warning: called from
delete at line 47 column 9
erase_compiled_function at line 23 column 5
example1 at line 77 column 1
dynare at line 188 column 1
warning: delete: no such file: example1_dynamic.mex
error: ‘trans_A’ undefined near line 103 column 7
error: called from
linsolve at line 103 column 3
dyn_first_order_solver at line 264 column 18
stochastic_solvers at line 217 column 18
resol at line 137 column 14
stoch_simul at line 88 column 34
example1 at line 154 column 6
dynare at line 188 column 1


I’ve tried a few other examples with similar results.

I googled the error messages and found this post:

It refers to this issue on github, which appears to just have been closed earlier today: github.com/DynareTeam/dynare/issues/1113

Does this appear to be the same problem? If so, do we know when it might be fixed on Linux?


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Dynare 4.4.3 only supports Octave 3.8.1. That is why you are experiencing the problems. The unstable version supports 4.2.1. The problem is that the mex-files have to be built against the Octave version you are using. If you scroll down on github.com/DynareTeam/dynare you will see the description on how to build Dynare from source on Linux.

Update: here are the steps I ran to get Dynare running on my machine, using info from the link provided above. The “$” indicates this was executed on the linux command line, and the “>>” indicates this was executed on the octave command line:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential gfortran liboctave-dev libboost-graph-dev libgsl0-dev libmatio-dev libslicot-dev libslicot-pic libsuitesparse-dev flex bison autoconf automake texlive texlive-publishers texlive-extra-utils texlive-formats-extra texlive-latex-extra texlive-fonts-extra latex-beamer texinfo texi2html latex2html doxygen pstoedit epstool xfig gnuplot 
$ sudo apt-get install octave
$ cd ~/workspace   # on my machine. You can install wherever you want, just adjust the "addpath" below.
$ git clone --recursive [github.com/DynareTeam/dynare.git](http://github.com/DynareTeam/dynare.git)
$ cd dynare
$ autoreconf -si
$ ./configure
$ make 
$ make html
$ octave
>> addpath ~/workspace/dynare/matlab
>> cd examples
>> dynare example1.mod

This should run the example.

Everything appears to be working. A few examples I’ve found elsewhere have issues, but I will post separately.


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I am experiencing the same issue on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Octave. Unfortunately, the solution isn’t working for me. I am not able to build Dynare from source.

The command


gives me an error saying that I have to install a more recent version of Octave. The official repositories provide only Octave 4.0 and the error message states that Octave 4.2 is required.

Hence, I added the PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:octave/stable

upgraded to version 4.2.2. and repeated the above steps. After


I get many errors, here is the last bit

In file included from ModelTree.hh:31:0,
from StaticModel.hh:27,
from ModFile.hh:33,
from ParsingDriver.hh:32,
from DynareFlex.ll:25:
DataTree.hh: In member function ‘ExprNode* DataTree::AddUnaryOp(UnaryOpcode, expr_t, int, int, int, const string&, const std::vector&)’:
DataTree.hh:346:128: error: converting to ‘const key_type {aka const std::tuple<ExprNode*, UnaryOpcode, int, int, int, std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits, std::allocator >, std::vector<int, std::allocator > >}’ from initializer list would use explicit constructor ‘constexpr std::tuple< >::tuple(_UElements&& …) [with _UElements = {ExprNode*&, UnaryOpcode&, int&, int&, int&, const std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits, std::allocator >&, const std::vector<int, std::allocator >&}; = void; _Elements = {ExprNode*, UnaryOpcode, int, int, int, std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits, std::allocator >, std::vector<int, std::allocator >}]’
auto it = unary_op_node_map.find({ arg, op_code, arg_exp_info_set, param1_symb_id, param2_symb_id, adl_param_name, adl_lags });
DataTree.hh: In member function ‘ExprNode* DataTree::AddBinaryOp(expr_t, BinaryOpcode, expr_t, int)’:
DataTree.hh:371:77: error: converting to ‘const key_type {aka const std::tuple<ExprNode*, ExprNode*, BinaryOpcode, int>}’ from initializer list would use explicit constructor ‘constexpr std::tuple< >::tuple(_UElements&& …) [with _UElements = {ExprNode*&, ExprNode*&, BinaryOpcode&, int&}; = void; _Elements = {ExprNode*, ExprNode*, BinaryOpcode, int}]’
auto it = binary_op_node_map.find({ arg1, arg2, op_code, powerDerivOrder });
DataTree.hh: In member function ‘ExprNode* DataTree::AddTrinaryOp(expr_t, TrinaryOpcode, expr_t, expr_t)’:
DataTree.hh:392:67: error: converting to ‘const key_type {aka const std::tuple<ExprNode*, ExprNode*, ExprNode*, TrinaryOpcode>}’ from initializer list would use explicit constructor ‘constexpr std::tuple< >::tuple(_UElements&& …) [with _UElements = {ExprNode*&, ExprNode*&, ExprNode*&, TrinaryOpcode&}; = void; _Elements = {ExprNode*, ExprNode*, ExprNode*, TrinaryOpcode}]’
auto it = trinary_op_node_map.find({ arg1, arg2, arg3, op_code });
DynareFlex.cc: In member function ‘int DynareFlexLexer::yy_get_next_buffer()’:
DynareFlex.cc:9334:23: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-compare]
if ( number_to_move == YY_MORE_ADJ )
DynareFlex.cc:9351:44: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-compare]
if ((int) ((yy_n_chars) + number_to_move) > YY_CURRENT_BUFFER_LVALUE->yy_buf_size) {
Makefile:572: recipe for target ‘dynare_m-DynareFlex.o’ failed
make[4]: *** [dynare_m-DynareFlex.o] Error 1
make[4]: Leaving directory ‘/home/benjamin/Software/dynare/preprocessor/src’
Makefile:934: recipe for target ‘all-recursive’ failed
make[3]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/home/benjamin/Software/dynare/preprocessor/src’
Makefile:445: recipe for target ‘all’ failed
make[2]: *** [all] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory ‘/home/benjamin/Software/dynare/preprocessor/src’
Makefile:383: recipe for target ‘all-recursive’ failed
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/benjamin/Software/dynare/preprocessor’
Makefile:419: recipe for target ‘all-recursive’ failed
make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

I completely understand that Matlab and Windows compatibility is dominating, but it would be great to work with Dynare and Octave in Ubuntu.


@sebastien may be able to help

@benjamin Which version of Dynare are you trying to compile? I would recommend building the latest stable (4.5.5), unless you really need bleeding edge features.