Dynare2tex Version 1.1

Dynare is a useful tools in analysing Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) models. This software contains different capabilities in manipulating DSGE models. Dynare gives its plot outputs as different formats which are available in MATLAB. However, Dynare have no option for comparing the Impulse Response Functions of different *.mod files. Dynare2tex helps users to compare the IRFs of different *.mod files and gives the results in the formats which are supported by MATLAB and new formats of *.tex and *.tikz. These two last formats are useful when the results are to be used in LATEX. They are also small files, the user can easily use them in her *.tex file and have high quality plots in her paper. To do this, Dynare2tex uses a very useful toolbox, matlab2tikz which is available on MathWorks.
Dynare2texV1.1.zip (196 KB)


There is a bad news that it doesn’t seem to work on matlab 2010.

Yes and it’s because matlab2tikz is tested on MATLAB 2014 and 2015!

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