Dynare version 4.5

Hallo Leute

I have a question about dynare version

I do not know why my dynare file can not run with mode_compute = 9?

Then I use mode_compute = 4,7,8 and it works

I am using Dynare version 4.5, my file as file.zip (28.2 KB)

Thanks for reporting this bug. A fix would be at https://github.com/DynareTeam/dynare/pull/1517
I ran mode_compute=5 and got a better likelihood. The mode-file is JPaus_mode.mat (10.4 KB)
At this mode, various parameters are at their bounds:

The following parameters are at the prior bound: rho_a, stdps, stdis, stdM, stdphi

It seems your prior for the standard deviations is for data scaled by 100, i.e. having 1 percent as 1 instead of the 0.01 you have in the data. That might be the reason.