Dynare version 4.0.2 is released

A bug fixing release 4.0.2 is now available

Release of Dynare 4.0.0
Dynare 4.0.0 for Windows 32-bit is available in the Download section of the web site. It take the form of a EXE installer that you need to execute on your machine. Binary packages for Linux (Debian and Ubuntu) are also available see cepremap.cnrs.fr/DynareWiki/ … anOrUbuntu

The documentation is still in development. The current version of the reference manual and the user guide is available in the package. Additional information can be found on cepremap.cnrs.fr/DynareWiki/TableOfContents

There is a command in Matlab (my version rcond.m.

So I get the following in Dynare
Warning: Function C:\MYWORK\Procs\matlab\Dynare4\4.0.1\mex\octave\rcond.m has
the same name as a MATLAB builtin. We suggest you rename the function to avoid
a potential name conflict.

It does not affect anything as far as I can tell.



This file is purposedly named rcond.m, because Octave (a free clone of Matlab) doesn’t have a builtin “rcond” function. And Dynare makes a heavy use of that function (which computes the reverse condition number of a matrix).

So we are not going to rename it nor delete it, otherwise this would render Dynare unusable on Octave. This file provides an alternative (but slower) implementation of “rcond” for Octave.

Your problem comes from the fact that, when adding Dynare to your Matlab path, you probably have added all the subdirectories of your Dynare installation, instead of only the “matlab” subdirectory. Cleaning your path should solve the problem.

Note that Dynare will still work if you don’t clean your path, but it will be slower, since it will use our slow implementation of “rcond” instead of the faster built-in implementation of Matlab.



Thanks, that was it.