DYNARE v.3.065 installation in Matlab (7.6.0 R2008a)


I am new to this stuff. could you please guide me how to install/activate DYNARE 3.065 in the Matlab prg?
I had downloaded this version & together with the examples files: fs2000.mod, fs2000a.mod, fs2000a_steadystate.mat & fsdat.mat
I have tried it by following the user guide but it seemed to me that it didn’t work at all. how do we know that the *.mod
file is working when we run it in Matlab?

thanks very mcuh


Dynare version 3 is no longer supported. The user guide documents version 4.0, which is the current stable release.



I didn’t find any link to download the version 4 Dynare for MATLAB.
I only got the latest version just for Octave compatible but not for MATLAB.

Release of Dynare 4.0.4
This is a bug fixing release. See the Download menu for list of changes
Release notes:

  • for users of Octave under Windows, you must upgrade your Octave installation to 3.0.5 release, for compatibility with the new packages (see dynare.org/DynareWiki/DynareOctave )

Could you please show me the link for the latest realesed version just like the above for the Matlab compatible?



The same package works for both MATLAB and Octave.