Dynare++ v. 1.3.6. available

Dear all,

new version of Dynare++ can be now downloaded (binaries for Windows, Linux and source codes).

The main improvements since the version 1.3.5 include:

  • Changed a way how random numbers are generated. Dynare++ uses a separate instance of Mersenne twister for each simulation, this corrects a flaw of additional randomness caused by operating system scheduler. This also corrects a strange behaviour of random generator on Windows, where each simulation was getting the same sequence of random numbers.

  • Added calculation of conditional distributions controlled by --condper and --condsim

  • Added unary + operator into the parser.

The main bug fixes since the version 1.3.5 include:

  • Corrected a bug of segmentation faults for long names and path names.

  • Dropped creating unfoled version of decision rule at the end. This might consume a lot of memory and cause segmentation fault for some models.


Ondra K.


I have a model that I can run in Dynare++ 1.3.1. However, when I try running it in version 1.3.6, I get the following error:

dynare++: warning: initval for is not finite
Caught Dynare exception: nlsolve.cpp:188: Initial guess does not yield finite residual in NLSolver::solve
dynare++ done!

I noticed that another user had a similar error with version 1.3.5. Has this been corrected? Is there something I am missing? I would like to solve the model with the new version of Dynare++ as I need the information from the conditional means and variances. Thank you.


I started a new thread. Let’s not follow this one.

Ondra K.