Dynare using octave

Hi, I am a student and new to dynare and octave. I installed both dynare5.0 and octave 7.0 in my system, but while changing the path, though in the files its seen that dynare and all its files exist, octave cant even read the files, that is in the diectory of the octave file, no such f

In octave, there is no such file "dynare’ but in files, there exists a file “dynare” that contains all the required files.

Can you please provide more details what exactly the problem is. Why files are missing/do not work?


As you can see here, when I run a dynare .mod file, it says that some X13 binary is not available. A quick search in the internet showed some ways, but none of them worked. When I try to install X13 Binary it says me theres some issue with “dpkg”.

Did you set a correct path to Dynare? You can ignore the message about X13.