Dynare Summer School 2020

Dear Friends,

This year the Dynare Summer School will take place from July 6-10, 2020.

It will be hosted by the Banque de France in Paris, France. The courses will focus on the simulation and estimation of DSGE models with Dynare. The invited speaker will be Edward Herbst of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

More information is available on our website:

If interested, you can apply by sending a CV and a recent research paper (PDFs only) to school@dynare.org no later than April 15, 2020.


For the Dynare Team


Is it FREE? or have to pay?

Please read the link above

Registration Fee

The registration fee (which includes lunches, coffee breaks, and one diner) is €250 for academics and €1750 for institutional members.


Do I have to be fluent in a specific language before subscribing because I am Arabic .

English is the working language at the Dynare Summer School.

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I am in the last year of university, am I allowed to register or not ?

Thanks for your answer.

Applications to the Summer school are open to students, researchers and practitioners, so you can of course apply.

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Thanks for your interest in answer me and helping me.


I am an academic. Do I need a research paper and must you be published internationally or not?

As explained in the Summer School announcement, you need to attach a research paper to your application. It needs not to be published.

please for Phd students from a developing country; are there preferential rates? and for the registration, you will accept all candidates or you will select ?? Thanks


There is no preferential rate based on the country of origin.

We will indeed select among candidates. The main criterion is whether the candidate has the necessary prerequisites for benefiting from the Summer school. In particular, some experience with macro-modelling is required.

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Won’t the summmer school and workshops be held online due to Coivd-19 outbreak?
If yes, should we register for online participation or not?
Thank you in advance.

Dear all,

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we decided to cancel the Dynare summer school this year. As you probably know, France, as most of Europe, is still in lockdown. It has been announced this week that the lockdown will be partially relieved mid May, but it may be that the restaurants and hotels will not open before mid-July. It is also most likely that the borders will remain closed for the summer. Under these circumstances, it is not possible to organize the summer school. We do not plan to setup an online summer school, because it would be difficult to make it truly interactive, and also this would imply additional work that we cannot supply given the current situation.

We are really sorry for this, and wish you all a safe and healthy summer.

On behalf of the Dynare Team

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