Dynare Summer School 2018

Dear Friends,

This year the Dynare Summer School will be hosted, from June 11 to June 15 2018, by Banque de France. The courses will focus on simulation and estimation of DSGE models with Dynare. The school will also be the occasion to introduce the next official major release of Dynare (4.6).

More informations are (will be) available on our website:


Applications should be sent to school@dynare.org (with a CV and a recent research paper attached as PDFs) no later than April 29th, 2018.



Hi everyone,
I’m sorry to ask late but I’m wondering if phd students can attend and if the recent paper must be already published ?

Thank you

Hi, A paper is not mandatory for application. Phd students are encouraged to apply, but no later than the first of May.


It’s done, Thank you very much for your replay.