Dynare steady state file cannot read exogenous variable values

Hello everyone,

I’m very new to Dynare and got stuck with reading exogenous variable values in the steady state file.

First of all, I need the steady state file because I need to call fsolve to solve two steady state equations numerically.

Second, the steady state file cannot read the exogenous variables that I declared in the initval block in the mod file. For example, in the mod file, I have specified that “eta = 1.006;”. But the error message I got is:

Unrecognized function or variable ‘gama’.

Error in mymodel6_steadystate (line 32)
r = (gama/betta + delta - 1) / (1-tauk);

I wonder is there any codes missing in the steady state file that reads in exogenous variables that I declared in the mod file. If so, what are the missing codes?

I have attached my codes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.
mymodel6_steadystate.m (3 KB)

clfcn.m (334 Bytes)

mymodel6.mod (3.0 KB)

Sorry for the late reply. You need to add

for ii = 1:M_.exo_nbr
  eval([ M_.exo_names{ii} ' = exo(' int2str(ii) ');']);

mymodel6_steadystate.m (3.1 KB)

Thank you so much, Prof. Pfeifer. It solves my problem perfectly.