Dynare SS Calibration

Hello All
I hope you are doing well
I am working on my thesis and I need help
The following model is not complete for all I want to do, to control the errors, I got better results with steady state 0s, but I still have NAN for some variables.

model 1 NAN SS.txt (1.4 KB)

The main goal for now is finding IRFs.
I appreciate your help


your definition of the ss parameters does not work. They have to be able to be solve recursively. I.e. if you click through them in Matlab and execute one by one with f9 you should be able to get proper values.

Yours do not work because for instance:

CFss = (omega)*((PFss/Pss)^(-mu))*Css;
Css = CFss+CIss;

in the definition of CFss you need Css but that is calculated below and again needs CFss.
This way you get NaN’s in your file.

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Thanks so much for replying
I edited the file and I got the the following.
model 1 NAN SS.txt (1.6 KB)

I need to solve this one which relates to general equilibrium equation?
and why MMD and R are not 0.

and I need to know what to do next: I mean
1 - Is putting SS in this way is correct, why I did not use Steady_State_model; block?
2 - What to do next for getting IRFs ?

I really appreciate your help

You did not change the part that was causing the problem that I mentioned before. Look at the parameters that you set. For instance in your new file in lines 61-63 (among others).
They do not work, which gives you NaN’s. These are then used in the model block and of course this does not work.
You have to fix the issue regarding the parameters.