Dynare Silent Install Path

By default Dynare installs into the C: drive. Because of modern security software restrictions. No exe or dll files can be ran from folders except for Program FIles and the Windows folder. None of the files are digitally signed so it makes very hard and unsafe to whitelist Dynare.

You can change the path when you install manually but all software must be silently deployed so I have been looking for a switch to do so but it looks like the only switch that comes with the setup file is /S. Can I move the folder after install without breaking any functions?

Please have your developers look into adding a dir or path switch.
This was requested 7 years ago but no replies. (Silent install /S and default directory)

Dynare uses the NSIS installer. According to Command Line Usage, you can use

  • /D sets the default installation directory ($INSTDIR), overriding InstallDir and InstallDirRegKey. It must be the last parameter used in the command line and must not contain any quotes, even if the path contains spaces. Only absolute paths are supported.

I tried

dynare-5.4-win.exe /S /D=C:\Program Files\Dynare\5.4

and it works like a charm.

Also moving the folder after installation should work fine.

Thanks. /D switch worked like a charm.

Let me ask one more thing. You wrote:

Which type of signature are you looking for? The installer is signed.