Dynare_sensitivity: error

Could you please guide me through my issues?
I have a problem with running dynare_sensitivity(identification=1, morris=2) and with the default morris=1 when identification=1.
The error is
“Attempted to access lpmatx(1,:); index out of bounds because size(lpmatx)=[0,0].
Error in map_ident_ (line 127)
Error in dynare_sensitivity (line 225)
Error in Model9 (line 446)
Error in dynare (line 120)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;”

Another my concern is that figures are not saved locally in <mod_file>/GSA while they are quickly displayed during the program run. How can I store them altogether at once to carefully look at, afterwards? I am using the dynare version 4.3.1. The mod-file is attached.

Thank you
Model9.mod (7.54 KB)

Thanks for pointing to this bug, which is fixed in the git repository and will be available in the next release of dynare.
The function that fixes the problem is also attached for immediate use (must replace the same function in the matlab/gsa subfolder of the dynare 4.3 installation).
Concerning figures, they should be all saved in gsa and identification subfolders, following the graph_format options (so the default is to save eps files).
map_ident_.m (54.4 KB)

Thank you so much, it works! I need to think about my model further now.