Dynare parallel PsTools administrator rights

Dear colleagues,

I would like to utilize parallel computing with Dynare but our IT team insists that PsTools is restricted to administrators only. In this regard, I would appreciate any - and especially positive - experience with this issue. Maybe some of our central bank (e.g. @MichelJuillard) or Commission (e.g. @rattoma) colleagues may know about work-arounds.


Hi @gin ,
if you need to run parallel on a local machine, the easiest workaround is to use the option parallel_use_psexec=false when calling dynare.
If you need to instantiate parallel threads on remote machines, then you need to use either psexec or ssh.

Thanks, Marco,
Dynare v5.4. masterParallel.m is ignoring option parallel_use_psexec=false, rather referring to option parallel_info.use_psexec. Setting options_.parallel_info.use_psexec=0; in a mod-file is doing the job.

Thanks again.


Thanks for pointing this out. You can track the bug at parallel_use_psexec: use correct field (!75) · Merge requests · Dynare / preprocessor · GitLab