Dynare on OSX Tiger


I’m trying to compile the preprocessor on OS X Tiger with GCC 4.0 and Bison (from Fink) installed but I come up with this error after running make in the preprocessor folder:
MacroBison.yy:21.1-8: invalid directive: `%require’
MacroBison.yy:21.10-14: syntax error, unexpected "string"
make[1]: *** [MacroBison.hh] Error 1
make: *** [all-recursive] Error 2

Any suggestions? So far it is the only reason I regret buying a Mac.




You’re probably not using the right version of Bison.

You need version 2.3 of Bison or higher. Type “bison --version” to know which version you are using.

It seems that fink provide bison 2.3 in their unstable database. You can also recompile from source by downloading bison source on the GNU website:

In last resort, if you can’t get Bison 2.3 running on your machine, you can run bison on another system and copy the output files (.cc and .hh) on your machine.