Dynare - Julia Issues

I have posted a Jupyter notebook, a startup.jl file and the Brock_Mirman3J.mod files for using Dynare in the Julia plator. I also put in the notebook solutations for Value Function Iteration and Parameterized Expectations for the same model with the same parameters. Good news, it works ok for Julia 1.9.4 but does not work for Julia versions 1.10 and above. I saw some fixes on the web but I could not get them to work so I just regressed to Julia 1.9.4. This is the GitHub link: GitHub - McNelis-CMML/Brock_Mirman: Jupyter notebook for using Dynare-Julia and Projection Methods for the Brock-Mirman Model
Open to any suggestions. For better or worse, I am always keep to use the lastest versions of my software “toys”.


the Jupyter notebook has many paths that belong only to your computer. Nobody else than you can run it.