Dynare++ in Ubuntu 9.04


   I have been using dynare 4.1.3 in Ubuntu 9.04 by setting the path /usr/share/dynare/matlab and then executing dynare example.mod. Now I would like to use the dynare++. I have created a mod file using the example in "DSGE Models with Dynare++. A Tutorial" by Ondra Kamenik. Following that after creating the mod file I type dynare++ example1.mod, and I get an error message: "??? Undefined function or variable 'dynare'".
    Then I tried setting a path to /usr/src/dynare-matlab/dynare++ and executing dynare++ example1.mod in the command window, but I also get the error message: "??? Undefined function or variable 'dynare'". 
     I was wondering if someone knows how could I run a mod file using dynare++ in Ubuntu 9.04.


dynare++ is a standalone executable. It is not meant to be launched from MATLAB or Octave, but from the command prompt.

If you are using the Ubuntu packages that we provide, the binary is in /usr/bin/dynare++, so you should be able to launch it directly from any shell terminal window.