Dynare in Julia: Static.jl error

Good afternoon everyone,
I am trying to use Dynare in Julia. The package installs fine, but when I run a .mod it fails. For example, when I run test Dynare on Pkg I get the following:

ERROR: LoadError: SystemError: opening file “models/example3/example3Static.jl”: No such file or directory

Something similar happens when I try context = @dynare "./example1.mod";:
ERROR: LoadError: SystemError: opening file “./example1Static.jl”: No such file or directory

Dynare test detail:

Any help is appreciated.
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Make sure that you are using the latest version 0.6.0

Thank you for the answer, but I still have the same problem (I’m in Ubuntu 20.04.5).
I tried pkg"update" and up Dynare, and I get Dynare version: 0.5.7.
After update still same error with example3Static.jl.

There is maybe a Julia package that you use for another project that stops you to to install Dynare v0.6.0.
Try to work in a new environment (see 4. Working with Environments · Pkg.jl) and try to install Dynare in this fresh environment. Unfortunatly, v0.5.7 has been broken when we upgraded to v0.6.0

Installing Dynare v0.6.0 in a different Julia environment is still the best solution, but I have made v0.5.8 that should correct the problem that you have encountered when install v0.5.7

it worked perfect, thank you very much. Any idea what Julia package might interfere with Dynare upgrade?

No, I don´t know. It depends of the other packages that you had installed in that environment. Understanding package version restrictions in Julia | Blog by Bogumił Kamiński may help you. Please tell me if you find out.