Dynare help

Is Dynare compatible with the student matlab version 5.3?
If so I am having a problem running the model files e.g. whenever I enter the command dynare ramst.mod I get the following error message “error in ==> dynare_v3.0\dynare.m on line 12 ==> pathfile = mfilename(‘fullpath’)” Cany anyone asist?

Hi, to my knowledge Dynare is compatible with student matlab versions, but your version of matlab is too old. I think you need at least matlab version 6.5. If you don’t want to pay for matlab you may try to use Dynare with Octave (a free alternative to matlab). There is a page in our wiki about running Dynare under Octave. It is true that Octave is slower than recent versions of matlab, but I think that it is as fast as version 5.3 of matlab.