Dynare-free implementation of Occbin

Dear All,
Does someone have a ‘dynare-free’ implementation of Occbin?

I am not aware of anything like this as you would not just need OccBin but also a way to do the first order approximation of the model outside of Dynare. That is cumbersome to program. Why do you need it?

Thanks a lot for your quick reply! Here is why:
I have build my own Matlab toolbox for solving and estimating DSGE models. Part of this toolbox is made of programs written by others, including Dynare teams.

I would like extend my toolboox by including Occbin in it, without relying on Dynare outputs.

I used to do the first order approximation “by hand”, so this would not be a problem.

I’m still using Dynare but mainly to check part of results when they are available with Dynare!

I understand that it is cumbersome as it is like reinventing the wheel.

Best, and stay safe!