Dynare external steady state computing problem

Deal All,

I am having trouble implementing an external steady state file for my Non-linear model, I keep having error messages, for example on eval functions. I also tried all possible value inputing methods as you can find in the commented out codes.

I was wondering if this is a bug with the Dynare unstable version or other reasons.

Thanks for answering!
simple51_steadystate.m (4.9 KB)

The unstable version/Dynare 4.6 uses cell arrays instead of char-arrays. Thus, you need to adjust the steady state file accordingly. See https://github.com/DynareTeam/dynare/commit/7be8f10e0e035e503c391979ae41415ffaf64e0a

Thanks Professor, I use the stable version and the problem resolved.
Can I ask another question, is there any convenient way to plot the Bayesian IRF, and the counterfactual (means without one shock) graph for endogenous variable, after running an MCMC Bayesian estimation in Dynare??

No, you would have to construct those plots manually from the Dynare output stored in oo_