Dynare error for Matlab_R2024a

I have just installed Matlab_R2024a. And when I try to run my .mod file with the version 6.0-arm64 of Dynare, I’ve got the following error message:
Unrecognized function or variable ‘num_procs’.
Error in default_option_values (line 73)
options_.threads.kronecker.sparse_hessian_times_B_kronecker_C = num_procs;

With Matlab_R2023b, it worked perfectly. I’ve also installed and try the version 6.1-arm64 but I get the same error message. The configuration of my Mac is Apple M3 with macOS Sonoma 14.5.

Can someone help? Thanks in advance,
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Did you make sure the Matlab and Dynare version are consistent, e.g. both for Silicon?

Thanks for your prompt response !
You’re right, the link for the update provided by the commercial team of Mathworks is for Intel. I’ve reinstalled the Matlab for Silicon and it works both for 6.0 and 6.1 versions of Dynare.
Many thanks,
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