Dynare equation

Good morning , I should write some equations on a. mod file in order to analyze through dynare, some variables on matlab. The equations in question are

(1 + g) ^ teta teta (c (t + 1) -c (t)) = r ̅ β r (t)
(1 + g) N (hat) n (t + 1) = 1 / eta (L W (hat) w (t) -C (hat) c (t)) + r ̅ r (t) + (1 + r ̅ r (t)) * N (hat) * n (t)

In addition, the text of the document tells me that c (t) = lnc (t) -lnc (hat), so that the variable in lower case is the deviation between the endogenous variable and the corresponding stationary state. So I’d like to figure out how to write letters in lower case and letters in upper case with hat accents on the mod file. Thanks in advance


Thanks for the reply. The document also tells me that the lowercase variable at time t, for example zt, is the deviation between LnZt-LnZ (hat). how should I transcribe these variables?

Schermata 2020-08-27 alle 18.19.23 I have some doubts for the transcription on the file mode of the first two equations of the screen attached

Please do not cross-post. What exactly is your question and what do you mean with “transcribe”?