Dynare code problem

i don’t know why dynare tells this problem : some variables are note used in the model bloc perhaps they are there
DSGE_vi.mod (3.1 KB)

The comment

*/Yss = 1;
Iss = 0.3*Yss;
rss = 1/betta -1;
Kss = Iss/delt;
Hss = (1/Kss^alfa)^(1/(1-alfa));/*

must be

/*Yss = 1;
Iss = 0.3*Yss;
rss = 1/betta -1;
Kss = Iss/delt;
Hss = (1/Kss^alfa)^(1/(1-alfa));*/

it’s always shows “undefined” for one variable

M2_3_err.mod (4.1 KB)


rss = alfa*exp(a)*Kss^(alfa-1)*Hss^(1-alfa);

needs to be

rss = alfa*exp(ass)*Kss^(alfa-1)*Hss^(1-alfa);

Thank you Professor, one else , should you tell me what’s wrong in this model, there are four “NaN” with the model block
DSGE_M2_vf.mod (1.9 KB)

I want to assure that every shocks affect “C” , “Y” , “K” , and “L”, variables in this same model
DSGE_M2_vf.mod (1.9 KB)

Then you need to adjust the economic mechanism in your model. You built the model and you are the only one who should know its workings.

M2.mod (4.1 KB)
Please Pr., should you show what is the problem with intial values with this model?

For starters, initialize all parameters:

Some of the parameters have no value (rho_nx, rho_alfa, omega_gi, omega_gc, omega_gr, Xss, Zss, rho_z)

Then check your initial values. For example, the one for a must be 1, not 0.