Dynare - A New Beginning

Good day, My name is Andrew and I am a complete beginner at Dynare, although I am really interesed in DSGE models and their applications, I would like to expand my knowledge in this area. I have checked a lot of examples, unfortunately many of them are quite specific, sometimes it is not intuitive how to set appropriate steady states, calibration parameters and variance of shocks (should we get them from single regression equations, “expert judgment” or approximate empirical procedures). Could you please suggest tutorials or books about Dynare applications, literature how to use and code systems of equations correctly? I would be very grateful to you

You might want to take a look at Professor Sims’ macro course page: Grad Macro Spring 2017
His material covers both theoretical and practical aspects of DSGE modeling.

Also, check these Youtube pages. They cover many features and applications in Dynare.