dynare 6 configuration options

In previous versions using gnu configure, there was an option to disable building documentations with ‘–disable-doc’, or turn on/off other features; how can this be done using meson? is there a simple way to turn on/off configuration options using meson build? i.e how to activate --disable-mex-kalman-steady-state in the new build system?

There is no equivalent to the --disable-doc option, but in practice the build system automatically detects whether the tools are there for building the documentation, and it will disable the corresponding build rules if this is not the case. So if you don’t want to build documentation, you don’t have anything special to do, just ignore it.

There is no equivalent either to the --disable-mex-kalman-steady-state option, but in this case the build system will refuse to continue if the needed dependencies are not detected. So if you still want to compile Dynare despite missing some dependencies, you will have to modify the build system yourself. Note that this is note something that we want to encourage, since MEX files are needed for full functionality.