Dynare 4.5.1 issue with deterministic simulation

I am running teh attached deterministic simulation in dynare 4.4.3. and it runs fine. I jumped to 4.5.1 today and wanted to run the same programme and it gave a complicated error message that I should have some perfect foresight solver. I felt nervous and reverted back to 4.4.3.
Any new version comes with a baggage of problems. I am sure it is for teh better but it really gives a lot of headache. Shoudl I stick to teh old version and be happy? boj_project_July23_det.mod (6.9 KB)


Dear PB,

Your mod file crashes because periods is too short (equal to five) compared to the expected shocks you specified in the shocks block. You have expected shocks between periods 1 and 100 but the economy is supposed to be back at the steady state (where iR_eps is zero by default) in period 5. I wonder what 4.x (x<5) was doing in this case… I would need to check.


@pb2415 This is indeed a break from previous behavior. See https://github.com/DynareTeam/dynare/pull/1485