Dynare 4.5.1 does not find generated m-file due

After installing Dynare 4.5.1, Dynare always returns

Error using evalin
Undefined function or variable ‘mod_file_name’.
Error in dynare (line 223)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

Checking the folder shows that the .m file usually created as well as the other files like _dynamic.m have not been created. The reason turned out to be the sandbox of the Comodo antivirus program.

Hi Johannes,

I didn’t know this program . Is Dynare running in a sandbox because Comodo thinks that Dynare is a virus? Can the user turn off the sandbox for Dynare? Or do we have to do something on our side to remove Dynare from their database of possible threats? This happened a few years ago with another antivirus… And we had to contact them.


Hi Stéphane,
I was not aware of this program either. The user was able to turn off the sandbox and run the program. I will ask him for details.

Thanks, Maybe we can submit the preprocessors (32bit and 64bit) here. But I wonder why the antivirus let the user install Dynare on the PC in the first place… It’s not very consistent.